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Organisation FAQ

When was Black Hawks founded?

The Black Hawks Martial Arts Management Network/ Association was founded by Grand Master Professor Christopher Francis (SOKE) on 13th October, 1979 and focused on training young people in Martial Arts.  It was found that those who participate in the Martial Arts programme, tended to be more disciplined in all facets of their lives, even academically.

Who founded Black Hawks?

The Black Hawks Martial Arts Management Network Association was founded by GrandMaster Professor Christopher Francis Soke

  • Recipient of the Humming Bird Silver National Award.

  • Over 50 years of experience in the Martial Arts.

  • Senior Law Enforcement Trainer.

  • Worldwide Ambassador of Goodwill.

  • 20 Hall of fames around the world.

  • Two(2) Martial Arts citation.

  • Former world and internation Martial Arts champion.

  • International Referee.

  • International Motivational Speaker.

  • Representative of many renowned organisations       around the world.

 and many, many more accolades..

Why was it created?

Black Hawks Martial Arts was created as a Martial Arts holistic programme for academic schools and the objective of our training programme was dealing with students with a poor level of concentration, lack of confidence and self esteem, abuse and students who lack the drive to take it to the next level. It also lends support in addition to the entire family of the child who participates in our programme with the challenges in their home setting and giving the child an opportunity to travel and see how real Martial Arts is done outside of the Caribbean

What is Kana-Jui-Jutsu Ryu?

K - Knowledge

A - Ability

N - Nationalising 

A - Achievement

Kana-Jui-Jutsu-ryu was started in 1998 and it is brining a flavour of martial arts to push the students to their full potential of holistic development, to practice Kana-Jui-Jutsu-Ryu one must blend the Martial Arts and their academical performances showing that holistic growth.

Apart for submitting their end of term results for acceptance of the grading examination, their Principal, Dean, Form Teacher, and Guidance Officer must also recommend that student for their rank promotion along with the preparation of the Martial Arts Intructor.

How do I join?

Registering into Black Hawks Martial Arts has been made easy, Simply click onto our Home page and click "Register Now" and fill out our registration form. 

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